The Daughters Who Lead – Fathers Edition

As a young man I dreamed about leading.

I’d read books to learn, at work I’d take every chance to lead – not realising that at home I was leaving a leadership position vacant.

I was a father at the age of 24 but didn’t lead at home until my 30’s.

Work was full of distractions from what really mattered.

This seems common among young men.

They struggle to really ‘turn up’ at home.

Some never do.

So it’s our partners who carry the leadership burden early.

And so it will be for our daughters.

It’s our daughters who’ll do the antenatal classes.

Then the parenting courses.

It’ll be our daughters who’ll demand their men engage at home.

It’s our daughters who’ll need to carry a bright vision for their family before their men catch the dream.

That’s why to raise daughters who lead is such a big play.

It’s the ultimate leadership move.

To teach them to think for themselves.

To believe in themselves.

To be themselves.

To lead with confidence, character, security and strength.

The beauty of such a leader is something to behold.

So lift your eyes young father. Raise your head and lead.

The future is in your hands and beautiful leaders are in your midst.

The time to stop dreaming is here – everyone is waiting for you to lead.