Welcome to Hāpai Mama

Antenatal and parenting courses

A bright vision for family

We exist to be a positive, encouraging and beneficial support. We do this by providing a fun, friendly and casual environment where mamas connect with each other as well as the amazing resources and information in their community.

The real magic comes from our great facilitators who provide a program where you can relax and not feel judged or told what to do.

Everyone’s welcome

We love it when dad and other support people come along. Whilst Hāpai Mama tends to be predominantly mums, Hapai Pēpi and Hāpai Nohinohi is a great place for dads and Aunty as well.

Hāpai Mama - Antenatal classes for Mom to be.

Supporting mums on
their journey to motherhood

A nine session course
for expecting mothers

Hāpai Pēpi - Parenting Courses for Moms of infants 0-12 months

Supporting mums
and babies

For parents of infants
0-12 months

Hāpai Nohinohi - Parenting Courses for Parents of children 1-4 years

their future

For parents of children
1-4 years

Enjoying relationship with your children

The goal of every parent

We all want to enjoy our relationships with our children. We want to enjoy the journey, and in time, love being around our adult children. While we imagine having perfect children might be nice, what we really want are enjoyable, healthy relationships.

Parenting Resources

Our courses are designed to help us all build great relationships with our children. We have antenatal classes and parenting resources for babies, toddlers and more.