Welcome to Bright Vision

A charitable trust with a bright vision for families

The Bright Vision Charitable Trust – Hāpai Whanau

We are a New Zealand charitable trust with a bright vision for families.

We started in 2015, in Te Puke, New Zealand — where we remain based. We run in-person parenting groups through Hāpai Whanau and share our voice in a more broad fashion through Leading Where It Matters.

Our mission is to journey with Whanau — until their babies leave home, as young adults who love coming back.

We aim to help parents love parenting and parent with love.

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Our Guiding Principles

Love Without an Agenda

When love has an agenda it’s no longer love. All of our facilitators and our program delivery will be vetted through this key fundamental.

We will balance that with being careful not to avoid the reality of things proven in scientific research or the values inside traditional Māori parenting practices or principles found in the bible. Any and all of these things will be used, where it fits our mission and vision and can be delivered without an agenda.

Partner With The Community

Our work, at its outset is a partnership with our community. When we look to begin something, our stating point will be to ask; who is the community, who are the leaders, what is the need and can we add value without duplicating efforts and resources already being invested there. We will start building relationships before we start doing a thing.

A Bright Vision

We hold an incredibly bright vision for family. Not a vision of perfection, but a vision of children waking with hope and feeling loved and secure. A vision of parents enjoying a healthy relationship of influence with their adult children. This is a journey of success! Life may look messy as, but relationships are maintained and love abounds regardless of how the family looks.

Move Towards Influence

We all want to have a relationship of influence with our adult children, perhaps we don’t know it when our kids our young. We may want all sorts of stuff, more money a bigger house and better things, however what all parents really come to want is a healthy relationship of influence with their adult children. We would sacrifice one for the other, and we often do. The Bright Vision Charitable Trust brings the end vision into focus again and again in every program we deliver.

Be The Leader — You Are Rangatira

Every parent is a leader…they often fall into this leadership long before they are ready for it. And like every good leader, they need to learn that leaders can’t control people, they have to lead with their influence. When a child is young this leadership looks very directive, to keep the child safe, to set the culture, to ensure love abounds and establish healthy patterns and rhythms of life. However as the child ages this leadership style shift towards a more influential style. Somewhere along the way the family culture you created is set, your patterns of life and security are established. From that place a child is launched towards adulthood and the best a parent can hope for with an adult child is to have influence in their child’s life.

Each program we deliver will empower mamas and parents to lead well and become Rangatira.

Call Out The Purpose In Your Children

There are all sorts of bad influences in the world. We are all susceptible to it, none of us escape it. Our role therefore, as parents, has to be about calling out the best in our children, helping bring clarity to who they are and what they can achieve and become. Love languages, strength finders and other purpose focused material will be encouraged to call out the best in our children.

Developing Your Childs Character

Children with good character are more employable, and more able to influence the world for good. Raising children who can influence is about replicating leaders. And that is exactly what we want to do. The more obvious character traits are honesty, integrity, trust and respect. Seeing these develop in your children creates an amazing family environment. Build onto that resilience, love and the ability to finish what you start, and that child can conquer the world. The greatest of these character traits is love (1 Corinthians 13:13).

Dream Bigger Than Your Children

No matter our handicap, be it blindness, a wheelchair, or just a lack of confidence, most of us are captured by our limits, we all know what we can do and what we can’t. That’s why we all need someone to encourage us to think bigger thoughts. Someone that will pray for and believe for a bigger life! We must therefore always be bigger dreamers than our kids, imagining a bigger life for them than they can imagine or dare to hope for. All of our programs will help parents dream big for their children.