A Bright Vision for Families

Hapai Whanau seeks to support and empower the whanau/family unit, to meet its full potential and capability, for the holistic wellbeing of all those involved.

In addition to our six children my wife thought it would be a great idea to foster more, 37 more to be exact.

Fostering taught us that what the tamariki in our community need isn’t more foster homes or a better foster system. Although both of those needs are real.

What our children really need is a community that holds a brighter vision for family, helping parents do the same, so that their children wake up in homes full of Aroha and hope.

That’s why we exist.

Holding a bright vision for your family has nothing to do with being a perfect parent.

It’s simply about remembering that what parenting is all really about is enjoying relationship with our children, even into adulthood. It’s got very little to do with what our children believe or how they behave. This is great because it frees us up to parent in a way that builds a healthy relationship with our children no matter what things look like at home.

It’s certainly not easy, that’s why we’ve developed and continue to develop resources based on the very latest science and deliver this in a way that enables us to weave this with our own wisdom, so our whanau can flourish.

Please connect with us below if you have any questions about what we do.