Love Parenting Toddler – Webinar

Weekly on Tuesday's for 10 weeks. 17 Aug 7.30 - 8.30pm (NZ Time) to 2nd Nov


Learn to focus on relating and guiding your toddler through this important stage of life, while staying balanced yourself.

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In this powerful 10 session live webinar we investigate what is really going on in your toddler’s brain, we bust some popular myths and help you focus on relating, connecting, guiding and supporting your toddler through this important and foundational stage of life, while staying balanced yourself.

This is a ten-session webinar, developed in New Zealand, that can be enjoyed with other parents from the comfort of your own home.

This course is all about building healthy relationships with your children and weaves the latest scientific insights with your own wisdom so you and your whānau can flourish.

Programme Outline

Session 1: Celebrating The Terrific Two’s
Investigating what’s really going on in the brain of your toddler and how best to support their development – and encourage cooperation – during this significant life stage.

Session 2: Creating (A Circle Of) Security
Clarifying why attachment security with your child offers a lifetime of benefits and using the Circle of Security® as a parenting road map for meeting relationship needs.

Session 3: Know Your Own Story
Recognising how our past can influence our present as a parent and that ‘knowing our own story’ (how we were raised) allows us to more fully connect with our child.

Session 4: Organising Big Feelings
Valuing the role of the ‘bigger, stronger, wiser + kind’ adult who stays with their child in their big feelings in order to enhance relational security and healthy emotional regulation.

Session 5: Understanding And Guiding Toddler Behaviour
Thinking about the best response to toddler misery and meltdowns and using the science of connection to redirect tantrums into relationship-building moments.

Session 6: Play Is Powerful
Uncovering what play is, what it does for child development and wellbeing, and learning about the best play experiences in early childhood.

Session 7: Getting Along With Others
Exploring why toddlers find getting along with others so challenging and why their behaviour is communication, as well as supporting them through this stage.

Session 8: Growing A Resilient Child
Busting some myths and delving into the science of how resilience really develops, and the role of parents in co-creating this fundamental life skill.

Session 9: The Benefits Of Mindful Parenting
Uncovering what mindfulness is and isn’t, and how to practice it – how including these practices in our everyday life as a parent benefits our child and ourselves.

Session 10: Top Tips For Toddlers
Discovering a number of Top Tips focussed on relating, connecting, guiding and supporting toddlers through this important and foundational stage of life, while staying balanced ourselves.