parenting through separation

Parenting Through Separation – Raising Secure Children

Let’s speak plainly, separation is painful for everyone!

In addition to the pain you are going through you know your children will be feeling it too.
There will be a sense of loss, confusion, disappointment, anger and the list goes on.

All of this to say parenting through separation is a massive challenge.

Naturally, our main concern when it comes to our children, is that they feel secure.

Perhaps one of our courses could help you on your separation journey?

Whilst we don’t yet have a course that is specifically designed for separating parents, all our courses help parents build and maintain healthy relationships with your children. Weather it’s during the normal routines of life or the big bumps and bruises life gives us.

Our circle of security principles will help you to parent into your child’s hurt and insecurity. It will help you see patterns of security and empower you to modify your approach to suit your child’s response to the separation.

Our courses will not help you work out custody issues or visitation rights. It won’t come with a parenting plan or even a view on what the law requires with separation and children. But it will help you love your children well!