Traffic Light System – Orange Setting

Hāpai Whanau has an “all inclusive” policy and therefore does not discriminate against who can attend our programs. Hāpai Whanau welcomes anyone who is not vaccinated against Covid-19. However certain safety measures will be in place to protect everyone.

Program Sizes
Registrations will be limited to allow for 1 meter social distancing. If demand exceeds these limits, we will run multiple classes or operate a waiting list.

Mask Wearing
As per the traffic light system, mask wearing, under the orange setting is encouraged, but not mandated.

All our facilitators will be wearing masks, except where exemptions apply. However we recognise that some attendees struggle wearing masks, for various reasons.

All third-party (external) providers, who deliver content at our programs, will be required to wear a mask, unless an exemption applies.

Signing in
Program registration and sign in to each session is required. QR codes and sign-in sheets are at the entrances to our programs. Pre-registration for a class is available on our website.

Social Distancing
There is comfortable seating supplied at each of our programs to enable an enjoyable experience, albeit with the required 1 meter social distancing.

Flu-like symptoms
Facilitators with flu-like symptoms will not be working. Likewise, attendees that are feeling sick should stay at home and will be asked to leave if displaying any flu-like symptoms.

We undertake a deep-clean between every program.

What should you do and expect when you arrive for your program?

  1. There is a sanitizing station as you enter our programs. Please thoroughly sanitize your hands on entering.
  2. Please wear a mask
  3. To assist with class sizes, we’ll try to restrict attendance to only the individuals registered for our programs, and, at most, one support person. Young children can attend but if day-care is accessible you may want to consider this.
  4. Most importantly smile, relax and welcome to a place where you are loved and accepted, no matter your vaccine status.

If you are immunocompromised, or just feel uneasy please let us know at any time.

​Immunocompromised people should let us know during class pre-registration.