Today a new minority is created

Today, a new minority is created, with limited access to society.

​Let’s make sure their access to friends isn’t limited also.

Today, on all day’s, we need to be kind.

People will become isolated.

People will feel lonely.

People will be angry and disenfranchised.

Has there ever been more opportunity to actually be kind?

Or to love your neighbour, or your friend with different views, or your community?

I’m all about believing in a brighter future. It’s why I founded The Bright Vision Charitable Trust, which runs Hāpai Whanau.

Things can get better.

We can hope or wish or simply complain about how things are. But believing in a better future also requires us not to behave like a victim.

The best way not to behave like a victim, is to walk out our doors today, determined to be a good neighbour or friend.

Let’s look for someone to be kind to.

And, if you need someone to talk to, reach out to one of our facilitators today. Or to someone in the community of Hāpai Whanau mums and dads.

You are unique.

You are valued.

You are loved.

From the team at The Bright Vision Charitable Trust.