Welcome to Love Parenting Toddler

For parents of children 1 – 4 years

Programme Outline

Session 1: Celebrating The Terrific Two’s
Investigating what’s really going on in the brain of your toddler and how best to support their development – and encourage cooperation – during this significant life stage.

Session 2: Creating (A Circle Of) Security
Clarifying why attachment security with your child offers a lifetime of benefits and using the Circle of Security® as a parenting road map for meeting relationship needs.

Session 3: Know Your Own Story
Recognising how our past can influence our present as a parent and that ‘knowing our own story’ (how we were raised) allows us to more fully connect with our child.

Session 4: Organising Big Feelings
Valuing the role of the ‘bigger, stronger, wiser + kind’ adult who stays with their child in their big feelings in order to enhance relational security and healthy emotional regulation.

Session 5: Understanding And Guiding Toddler Behaviour
Thinking about the best response to toddler misery and meltdowns and using the science of connection to redirect tantrums into relationship-building moments.

Session 6: Play Is Powerful
Uncovering what play is, what it does for child development and wellbeing, and learning about the best play experiences in early childhood.

Session 7: Getting Along With Others
Exploring why toddlers find getting along with others so challenging and why their behaviour is communication, as well as supporting them through this stage.

Session 8: Growing A Resilient Child
Busting some myths and delving into the science of how resilience really develops, and the role of parents in co-creating this fundamental life skill.

Session 9: The Benefits Of Mindful Parenting
Uncovering what mindfulness is and isn’t, and how to practice it – how including these practices in our everyday life as a parent benefits our child and ourselves.

Session 10: Top Tips For Toddlers
Discovering a number of Top Tips focussed on relating, connecting, guiding and supporting toddlers through this important and foundational stage of life, while staying balanced ourselves.