How to Lead Like a Legend – Part 1

Men want their homes to be a place they can relax.

A place of respect.

A place to be themselves and not judged.

This is every man’s dream.

It’s the dream of every man woman and child, on earth.

Leaders make this stuff happen.

The leader in your home is the one making it happen.

Here’s how you do it: Part 1 – The Daily Download:

When you or your partner gets home from being out for the day – give them first 5 minutes.

Before you play with the kids, or the playstation.

Before you mow the lawns or jump on the motorbike.

Catch up first, whether it’s in the kitchen or hiding in the kitchen cupboard.

The kids will come in – send them out, saying “soon, mum comes first”. Then the dog will try it on – send it out. Then the cat – you can safely ignore it. Then you’ll get a text, or a message, or a snapchat, and a phone call from the mother-in-law, or all of that sillyness at once. Tell them all it’s legend making time.

The whole world will work to stop you from having a daily download.

Because it changes things.

In the download she’ll tell you everything that went wrong – she’s not looking for a fix – she’s looking to be heard.

Don’t fix her – let her feel heard, loved and understood.

And women – work in 5 kind words – because the problem with men is they crave respect, even when they don’t deserve it.

Respect fuels a man.

Give him 5 kind words about his work, or anything he does with his hands, and you’ll transform how he turns up at home – for the rest of the week.

If we want things to change, we have to change things.

The small habit of the daily download, done first, done daily, turns men into legends.