Holding a Bright Vision – when things look dark

We can easily believe the world is getting worse. But is it really?

When it comes to family I believe it can easily get better. More loving, more inclusive, healthier, physically and mentally.

We have access to more wisdom based on proven mind sciences, then ever before, and 100% freedom to implement it.

Whilst governments might try and limit our freedoms, I’ve not seen anything introduced (in NZ) that cuts across the latest research around how to love our children well.

In-fact I would argue we can love our children better today then perhaps in any time in human history.

The science shows us how. Even though it simply supports what Jesus taught thousands of years ago – love without an agenda.

There are 7.9 billion people on the earth today. When I look around I see more people and organisations like Hāpai Whanau then ever before, all with the goal of making their part of the world better.

I get it, things can look pretty dark some days.

Even if you think the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, home is the one place we must believe in a brighter future. We have to believe in our childrens future, in them, in their dreams, their capability, their heart beat, no matter what.

Nobody willingly walks towards darker days, unless they’ve given up on their dreams.