Open Book Budget

Welcome to Hāpai Whanau’s Open Book Budget

This is our budget for the 2022 calendar year. Our financial year starts April 1st, but we run a calendar year for funding and operational purposes.

2022 Budget

Total Costs$198,054Notes
Wages$155,750Includes new part-time Licencee Manager
Advertising & Marketing$12,000Social media and video
Program Development$2,004Maintenance of course content
Licensee Relationship Development$8,004Meeting & training costs
Website & Search Engine Optimisation$7,800Annual costs
Admin Costs$6,000General admin
Toy Library Lease Te Puke$2,400Rent for program delivery location Te Puke
Licence Agreement Development$1,992Legal costs to develop licence
Software$1,800Cloud software – client and licensee management
Accounting & Consulting$304Xero – accounting provided free

Why supporting us makes sense

We operate in unique ways in order to make a real difference. Watch the video to learn more.

Funding a Net Budget

Funding Needed$142,590
Total Income (licence and training fees)$14,700
Total Expenses$198,054
Donations expected from regular donors$40,764
Required funding balance$142,590

We don’t run a deficit or implement our budget without the required funding. Last year the funding gap of $90,080 was fully met by our generous donors, some of which are shown here:

What We’re About

We exist to hold a bright vision for families so that our tamariki wake up in homes full of love and hope.

What We’ve Achieved

It’s been a big year and we’ve achieved all our objectives.

The Way Ahead

We are expanding in response to demand for our programs in new communities.