Believing in our child’s scary next steps

I’ve often found that when I thought people are watching, expecting me to fail, once I have done the next impossible next thing ahead of me, everyone just says of course, as if they knew I could do it all along.

Sure there are people that expect and maybe hope we’ll fail, but those that love us expect us to nail it. Especially if they know what we’re trying to do aligns with our gifts and passions.

We need to have more confidence in ourselves. We also need to have more confidence in those we love. Believing in them and speaking into their lives positive truth about who they are and what they can achieve.

When your child tried to take its first steps were you the type of parent to think ‘oh know he / she can’t do that’? Or were you the type who encouraged and spurred your child on, picking them up when they fell over and helping them take that next faulting step?

What’s changed?

Do you still encourage your child to take scary first steps? Are you there to provide a safe place when they fall over?

What about yourself?

Do you believe in you?

What scary next step do you need to take? What big dream is waiting?

We need to stop worrying about the doubters and move forwards knowing most people will likely look on and say “we knew you could”.

Those that love you will back you. Those that don’t, won’t be watching you close enough to care what you do. So you might as well get on doing.