A Fathers Purpose

We’re all in pursuit of meaning – a sense of purpose.

This can be tricky for a young father – it’s easy to get distracted while mum is taking care of baby.

We can be watching our mates – thinking we’re missing out.

Or in the pursuit of purpose we’ll desire a better car, more money, bigger toys and even the girl next-door.

Many men go to work to find purpose – blind to the meaning in their homes.

Plenty mistakes are made – trying to find meaning.

And whilst each of our stories is different, there is a common thread for most men – there is a precious thing we can find to which no other prize will compare.


Men – the secret to finding meaning is to realise that we’re all wired for respect.

Despite what else you want – that car, that toy, the better job – what we all really, really want – is respect.

Most of all – we want the respect of our partners and our children.

In our youth we might want the respect of our mates – but we all finish off wanting respect at home.

We all want to live big lives. We aspire to be much more then we are – to grow, lead and succeed.

But the biggest dream of all is a life of respect and the biggest life of all is one that earns the respect of those in our homes.

So go hard young man. Dream big, achieve much.

But most of all – lead well at home.